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Our talent concept is wealth, growth and spirit.
We believe that those who strive to develop and pursue excellence in their achievements and contributions are our wealth.
We are committed to the common growth of employees, hope that employees in the growth of the road to maintain vitality and health, promote simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship between teams.Professionalism and teamwork are the prerequisites and guarantee for achieving our goals.
According to the future development needs of the enterprise, we especially welcome you to join our enterprise and work together to provide customers with the highest quality management services. If you are interested in any position we are looking for, send your resume and relevant resume certificate directly to
The specific posts are as follows:
Sales Manager:2 persons
Requirements: university graduates are preferred, foreign trade majors, English 6.
Injection molding machine Engineer: 3 persons
Requirements: with injection molding machine maintenance or commissioning experience, engaged in injection molding machine industry for more than 5 years.
Market development: 1 person
Requirements: university graduates are preferred, and design major is preferred.
Foreign trade assistant: 2 persons
Requirements: university graduates are preferred, and English is the 4 level. 
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