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Injection molding machine energy saving technology - drive system

In the cost composition of injection molding products, the traditional injection molding machine oil pump motor power consumption accounted for 80% - 90% of the total equipment power consumption, in the cost of injection molding products accounted for a considerable proportion. Energy-saving and environmental-friendly injection molding machine represents the development direction of plastic machine, who takes the first step, who will surely seize the market first opportunity. It is to see this point that more and more production enterprises put the energy saving R & D of products in an important position.
In fact, the energy-saving technology of injection molding machine mainly includes three aspects: energy-saving injection molding technology; energy-saving executing mechanism; energy-saving power drive system, the most important energy consumption of injection molding machine is the power drive system. Compared with the traditional drive mode in China, the three-phase permanent magnet servo motor is used to replace the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, and the fuzzy control method is used to realize the coordinated matching control between the servo motor and the variable pump.
The total power loss of the servo pump controlled injection molding machine system is mainly composed of two parts:
1) Power loss of motor, which mainly includes copper loss, iron loss and mechanical loss. This part of the loss is generally unavoidable. High performance motors can only be used to reduce losses.
2) power loss of hydraulic system. The servo motor plus variable pump control system is adopted. This part of the loss does not include throttling loss and overflow loss, but only includes the volume loss and mechanical transmission loss caused by the leakage of hydraulic system. Therefore, the total power loss of this system is very small, and it has better energy saving effect.
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