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Collection and solution of servo energy saving problems

Hangzhou Saipers Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of plastic machine energy-saving products, and has done the work of servo energy-saving transformation for many enterprises'machinery. However, in the transformation, many customers or consumers are not very familiar with servo energy-saving, and there are many questions, so for these problems, I We hereby summarize an article which we hope will help you.
Summarized a lot of problems, such as many consumers will encounter "how to choose the servo energy-saving enterprise", servo energy-saving working principle and so on. The specific problems are as follows:
The role of servo energy saving transformation?
Answer: Servo energy-saving transformation of the most obvious is the injection molding machine power saving is obvious, can save a lot of electricity for enterprises, save operating costs of enterprises.
Servo energy saving transformation, what are the ways?
Answer: There are many ways to save energy for injection molding machine, such as traditional frequency conversion, variable displacement pump, barrel heating, waste heat recovery, servo energy saving, etc. However, servo energy saving is the latest technology, the best way. Also the most energy-efficient, and the biggest feature is stability.
What is the working principle of servo energy saving?
Answer: Servo injection molding machine is based on the required pressure and speed to control the speed of the motor, holding the speed is very low, cooling, only the fan will rotate, so the longer the two action time, the more power-saving, but the glue when the power consumption is large, sometimes more than the power consumption of the quantitative pump.
How to improve the servo energy saving of injection molding machine?
Answer: Injection molding machine servo is actually to carry out energy-saving servo system transformation, usually the original motor into servo motor, and then with the servo system, but also flexible with a single motor to drive the specified hydraulic components, or with several servo motors to achieve combined drive.
How to choose the transformation company for servo energy saving transformation?
Answer: Servo energy-saving renovation should choose a more professional, after the renovation of energy-saving relatively high, stable rate, good reputation of manufacturers.
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