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Energy saving policy

Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new type of high frequency heating technology. Through the research and development of scientific researchers, a high frequency heating system with energy saving and environmental protection is produced. The heating efficiency is increased to 90% (up to 99.8%). According to the installation and testing in various plastic processing enterprises, energy-saving and environmental protection high-frequency heating system for plastic processing enterprises energy-saving effect is very obvious, saving electricity up to 30% - 70%. Fully reflects its energy-saving advantages, for plastic processing enterprises to save a large number of electricity costs, improve production efficiency, improve the environment of the workshop, thereby directly reducing Low indirect production cost.
Electromagnetic heating economizer is a device that converts electric energy into electromagnetic energy for heating by using electromagnetic induction principle. Electromagnetic heating economizer converts 220V, 50/60Hz AC rectifier into DC, and then converts DC into high-frequency high-voltage with frequency of 20-40KHz. Electromagnetic heating equipment is made of high-temperature cable. High-speed high-frequency and high-voltage current will produce high-speed alternating magnetic field when it passes through the coil. When the magnetic field line passes through the conductive metal material, it will produce numerous small eddies in the metal body, making the metal material itself high-speed heating, thus achieving the ideal addition. Heat effect.
Servo injection molding machine can not only save resources, reduce costs, but also improve the quality and improve working conditions. However, in the cost of injection molding products, the electricity cost accounted for a considerable proportion. According to the requirements of injection molding machine equipment and technology, the traditional injection molding machine oil pump motor power consumption accounted for 80% - 90% of the total equipment power consumption.
At present, the servo energy-saving technology has been successfully applied to the injection molding machine, compared with the ordinary quantitative pump injection molding machine energy-saving up to 80%, energy-saving up to 50% than the variable displacement pump, at the same time, improve production efficiency by more than 10%, injection molding machine manufacturers have begun to set up production in batches, will quickly become the mainstream products in the main field.
Strong policy support
The "Dongguan Wantai Injection Molding Machine Servo Energy Conservation Reform Pilot Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the program), formally issued, decided to guide the use of injection molding machine enterprises to complete 10,000 injection molding machine servo energy-saving transformation or renewal in 2013-2017. After the transformation is completed, the annual electricity saving will be about 500 million kwh.
Dongguan City use injection molding machine enterprises mainly in the plastic manufacturing industry, the program also clearly servo energy-saving pilot will focus on energy-using units, especially plastic manufacturing enterprises as the main body. At the same time, the plan decomposes 10,000 injection molding machine transformation tasks in five years, 1,000 in 2013, 2,500 in 2014 and 2015, and 2,000 in 2016 and 2017 respectively.
It is certain that the energy saving transformation of the injection molding machine can not be separated from the active cooperation of the enterprise. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the transformation, Dongguan City will allocate 30 million yuan as a special support fund from the special fund of Dongguan Science and Technology Project to subsidize the servo transformation or renovation project of injection molding machine. Between 2013 and 2017, subsidies of 3 million yuan, 7.5 million yuan, 7.5 million yuan, 6 million yuan and 6 million yuan were allocated respectively.
For most enterprises, electricity is the last cost that is not controlled by the enterprise. It is generally believed that electricity expenditure is difficult to be controlled. Payment of electricity is natural, because how much electricity is consumed by the power equipment is determined by its mechanical and electrical characteristics, and subjective control is powerless. Obviously, this concept is wrong. Under the grim situation of electricity consumption in the whole country, as our enterprises, we should pay attention to energy saving, the application of advanced technology, reduce energy consumption to the minimum, both to protect the environment and create economic benefits for enterprises.
First of all, if an enterprise wants to save money, it must save energy and reduce pollution. This is a decision that any enterprise will make. Enterprises can not produce without the drive of energy, machine energy consumption, these are what we can not change, but we can do is to reduce energy consumption, no electricity means a small pile of coal, at the same time, energy consumption enterprises also means a part of the loss of economic benefits, which all enterprises do not want to see. Energy-saving can permeate every corner of the enterprise, energy-saving can also be big or small, can once be dozens of degrees, as a rational person, of course, from the fight to start, and then small.
Conclusion: Continuous fog and haze make energy saving and emission reduction highly valued. Plastic machine industry has become a energy-saving standard. We hope that more people can develop good habits of green travel, garbage recycling, recycling and so on. Starting from the little things around us, we can make contributions to creating a green home.
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